Our skills

Like many companies in the Made in Italy branch we are small – 50 people among whom artisans, surveyors, architects, administration and managemente – but the size of our activities is global.

Up to now we worked in 50 countries around the world and all araound the world we search and serect materials, ideas, solutions, technologies and talents.
We represent a unique legacy of skills e hand-craft traditions. Rooms and furniture of very high-level quality, long-lasting, professionally made.

Upholstering and carpentry are part of the genetic heritage of Cerruti Contract and the dedicate workshops are the heart of the company.
For other abilities and specializations, a network of solid and experienced artisans and workshops grew around us.
At any new requirement, the network operates a research that leads up to into the discovery of excellence hand-crafts and technologies all over the world: some locks comes from England, the golden leaf from Toscana, the curved glass walls from Spain, the tensile structures from Germany, the mosaic from a Friuli school.

The materials are the first quality element of an environment.
In an experimental shop they must be authentic and involving for touch and sight.
In a home they must be beautiful and long-lasting, and pass through generations.

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